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Earth Day - from Greennovate thank you letter

Dear supporters,

 Increasing individual awareness and environmental movement all over China is taking 'greenism' to the next level. We believe it is time to start challenging the traditional perceptions locked in to Made in China label. With the bold enough vision and common effort from consumers, brands and manufacturers, we can significantly improve the lives of people working in the factories, protect the natural resources and take the responsibility for our lifestyles and behaviors.


Every journey starts with the first step. In order to help understand what MaGiC could be, we invited designers, fashionistas and manufacturers to join us and produce the first Made GREEN in China sample. We also developed simple, free and applicable MaGiC guidelines in Chinese and English that could be accessed via .


It was not easy to connect all the dots in the process but with increased demand and awareness, there is a significant potential  to make good practices accessible and available to everyone. Special thanks go to Fair Labor Association, Unitag, San Yang and ChenFeng.


We hope to inspire you to celebrate your Earth Day and your every day choices with a touch of MaGiC;) 


The Greennovate Team

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