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Auxiliary shop workers in" five one women" Kong" honorary title



From March 1, 2011, Jintan City three female employees to display the results of seminar and" double contend for" activity commends congress uploads come good news, my company auxiliary shop workers in Jintan City2008-2010 annual" five one women example hillock collective" honorary title.Auxiliary shop workers responsible for exporting shirts auxiliary operation, the number of female workers accounted for 91%, is a female employee of the company with the highest proportion of a department. In the work, and auxiliary shop workers always accomplish the factory issued export production task, time limit for a project, quality assessment index, has been awarded advanced team honor.

Auxiliary engineering workshop in strict accordance with the technical requirements and production process requirements, not only solid, be conscientious and do one's best finish each procedure, but also actively promote the technical level, focusing on improving product quality, guaranteed delivery, export target to carry out" build up establishment of female workers .". Auxiliary engineering workshop process, high quality requirements, in the face of heavy production tasks, the sisters always overall situation, overcome all sorts of difficulty, ensure on time delivery. Especially last year increase production, delivery and stressful situations, the sisters did not complain, carry on the overall situation, the cardinal principles in mind, solidarity, overcome difficulty, on time and durability, enough to finish production tasks.

They are full of enthusiasm, perseverance in the pursuit, into the economic construction, and take practical action to shape the new century the new image of women, earned the respect of the whole society and praise.


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