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The group became the first batch of Jiangsu province" health promotion demonstration enterprise"



The Group officially in December 21st by Jiangsu province first" health promotion demonstration enterprise" assessment and acceptance. Deputy mayor Wang Yanhong accompanied assessment. Carry out the " health promotion demonstration enterprise" to create activities aimed at strengthening the employer health education and health promotion, prevention, control and elimination of occupation hazards, environmental risk factors as well as laborer oneself behavior factors on the health effects of. My province is also the only health promotion model to create business activities of provinces.

In order to create first-class staff, to ensure that the cause of the sustained and rapid development and team the comprehensive promotion of quality, the health promotion as a major event, real issue to catch, not able to carry out the " health promotion program", and strive to improve the level of occupation disease prevention, and actively create a" Jiangsu provincial health promotion demonstration enterprise", effective occupation harm factors contain the disease burden, the staff worked hard to create a safe, sanitary, healthy, harmonious working environment.

In recent years, companies in the construction of infrastructure and education and advocacy training, positive for the staff to create a good working and living environment, to establish a perfect occupation disease prevention and treatment, mental health counseling, nutrition and sanitation of food, health promotion network, also invited to the annual environmental protection and health departments regularly to plant monitoring inspection, has greatly improved the company's occupation health level, a greater degree of protection of the workers ' physical and mental health, and promote the healthy development of enterprises. Employee health knowledge and health behavior have reached more than 90% rate.

Through long-term continuous health education and health promotion, all employees of the disease prevention and control knowledge, consciousness and skill levels improve, change unhealthy habits, scientific concept of health is gradually win support among the people, the formation of a healthy lifestyle. 

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